Hi. I'm Hannele Lundy!

I am a North Carolina based Fine Art Photographer.

I fell in love with photography and photo manipulation due to the limitless possibilities of the medium. Photography started as a way to express myself but has evolved into deeper visual narratives to ignite emotions and wonder in a surreal atmosphere.

My work is often inspired by my own life experiences but also by poetry, short stories, paintings and nature. Each image starts as a concept sketch that undergoes several revisions before the idea speaks to me. From there I decide which components of the image should be a physical effect in the photograph and which will be manipulated into the photo.

The finishing touches to my creations are textures and brushes applied to yield a surreal and painterly look. My visual style is often dark and moody with a surreal twist, which is completely different from my personality. I feel very connected with darkness because it has always been part of my life and through art I found a way to channel it into something beautiful.

Exhibitions & Competitions

PhotoPlace Gallery, Dreamscapes and Visions: "Acceptance" June 2020

PhotoPlace Gallery, Dreamscapes and Vision Online Gallery: "Hidden" 2020

Boynes Emerging Artist Award, 3rd Edition Finalist: "Behind the Frame" November 2020