“If you are blessed with a vision stay true to it” -k.tolnoe • • • Quote by @k.tolnoe
“Only the wind knows where it will carry our souls” • • • Reposting this after a few corrections. • •
“Bluebird” • • Birds are such beautiful animals and ever since we’ve put up bird feeders I’ve learned to appreciate them even more. Their song and the flutter of their wings brings me joy. So when I found this dead bluebird I knew I wanted to give it life in a new way. • • •
“Hope is what you do when wishes don’t work. Hope is what you do when they tell you there is no hope. You take a deep a breath and you do it anyway.” -Shane Koyczan • • “Hope”, the final image in this mini-series “The Darkest Moments”. • • •
“We must understand that sadness is an ocean, and sometimes we drown, while other days we are forced to swim” -R.m Drake 🥀🥀🥀 The second image of this mini-series “The darkest moments” 🥀🥀🥀 I sat this morning debating whether I should post this one or not. It’s dark and sad. And even though dark and moody is my style I sometimes find it scary to post images like this. 🥀🥀🥀 Maybe deep down I’m afraid of people’s reactions. Maybe I’m afraid of labels. Or maybe I’m afraid it reveals something about me or my past. 🥀🥀🥀 However, in the end I chose to share because maybe someone out there will feel less lonely. • • •
“We’re all just trying to outrun the monster...” Shane Koyczan • • An image that portrays the feeling of drowning in a dark abyss. It might feel overwhelming and unending but with resilience you can rise. • • •
“The process of healing does not end when the wounds are no longer visible it ends when the wounds no longer ache” - unknown • • “Necrosis”, this is the third and last image of the mini-series Blooms Of Burden. • • •
This is the second image of the mini-series “Blooms Of Burden”. • • I’m having a hard time finding words today so I’ll be sharing a quote from @johnmarkgreenpoetry 🥀 “ It’s the things we carry silently within ourselves which are the heaviest burdens” • • •
“Blooms Of Burden” This is about the burdens we carry through life and how hard it is to let go. We carry them around, covering them up with our armor, hiding them from the world to show we’re fine. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sometimes people tell me my images are very dark and sad, which is different from my personality. But I know pain. Everyone knows pain. And there has been moments in my life when pain has felt unending. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Art has always been part of my healing in some shape or form. However, it wasn’t until I started creating myself that I found the missing piece of the puzzle, and found a way to channel pain into something beautiful. • • May is Mental Health Awareness Month. • • •
“Fluttering dreams” I finally finished this image, it’s been on the back burner for some time and I almost gave up on it. Sometimes ideas just don’t work visually and they need to be changed, I’m ok with that as long as I keep the same concept. This is certainly one of them, I’ve probably went through every possible color combination until I finally found one that pleased my eye. I’m glad I stayed persistent since this turned out to be one of my favorite images. • • •
They said her time was over only to realize she was just getting started. • • •
“Time is flying never to return” How do you spend yours? ⏰ • • •
“You must embrace fear you must let fear consume you and overpower you and take you to the brink where it almost cripples you but on the other side of fear, as long as you act, there’s something beautiful, real and wonderful waiting for you” -A.Bentley • • •
“There is no self-discovery without pain and loss. Tears unveil hidden parts of your soul” -Anita Krizzan • • •
“Whispers of a dream” • • •
“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity” -Edgar Allan Poe • • •
“The eyes are useless when the mind is blind” -unknown • • •
“Despair” • • “The agony of my soul found vent in one loud, long and final scream of despair” -Edgar Allan Poe • • •
“Catharsis”, like the failed image that didn't go quite right I put it away and move on to the next. This goes for life as well. Since we can't erase our past, we might as well acknowledge the things that went wrong, pick up the knowledge failure gives us and then let it go. • • •
“Hidden” This represents the daily struggle many are dealing with - fear, apprehension, avoidance and pain. It is easier to build a wall and pretend you’re fine. If you are dealing with this today - I see you and know you are not alone. • • •
“Cervidae” • • This image is inspired by a fond memory of something I created last summer. I was out before sunrise and was surrounded by the magical morning sounds of crickets and occasional bird chirping. As I am setting up my gear I spot something in the corner of my eye. I look up and notice being observed by a family of deer. The largest one in the group freezes, as do I. There we are staring at each other, still like statues. I’m holding my breath worried that the smallest movement will scare them away. It lasted only for a brief moment but was engraved in my memory, hopefully for life. Since then the deer has been a symbol of grace and mysticism. It is truly a beautiful creature of the forest, I hope I did it justice. 🦌 • • •
“The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls.” -Edgar Allan Poe • • •
People forget that abuse is damaging, but its aftermath is permanent. ••• Your body will heal, and so will your mind but when things heal they leave scars behind. ••• You owe no one an explanation, a reason, a defence for who you become after you survive. • • Poem Healing from Abuse by @nikita_gill • • •
“It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness” • • •
“Portable Magic” • • I finished a new image this week with a much darker concept but decided to share this older one I shot last year. Maybe it’s because of my mood lately, where I feel I could spend all days absorbing books and daydreaming. ✨ • • •
There are silences inside you that you have yet to explore. There are things inside you that are still fighting a war. • Some days will be unkind Some days you will want to forget But stay for those days that are worth more than all the rest. • Be easy on your soul it needs softness it needs time it needs patience. • Poem by @nikita_gill • • •
“The gift” • • •
“Roots” • • •
My top 9 2019 is definitely I year I’ll never forget. I’ve created so many images I love and learned how to embrace new beginnings and the failures that come with the territory. I’ve learned how to be graceful towards myself, and to celebrate the tiny successful moments that matter. 2019 is the year I decided to follow my heart. I’m so grateful for all of it, and for all of you. 2020 I’m ready! • • Wishing all of you a wonderful year ahead! ❤️ • • •
“Shed the old” • • •